July 2, 2008


Kevin Grady, a running back for the University of Michigan Wolverines was arrested for a DWI this morning.

And by judging his picture, either he’s not very photogenic or he’s messed up on something like you read about.

DWI for Kevin Grady [WoodTV.com] via [EDSBS]



July 2, 2008

With gas prices soaring by the second, more and more people are finding ways around driving cars.  People are resorting to bikes, back to 90s and rollerblading, and buying scooters.  These modes of transport are very important to these money saving people, and Arkansas linebacker Wendel Davis is no different.  You just don’t mess with these scooters.  Time and time again, when will people learn?

Never mess with a man’s scooter.

Arkansas linebacker Wendel Davis faces a felony criminal mischief charge after police say he punched through the window of a car that bumped his scooter.

Davis, 19, of Sweeny, Texas is scheduled to appear before a judge July 30 over the charge, stemming from an altercation Tuesday afternoon. If convicted, Davis could face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

A university police spokesman says Davis’ fist put dents into the car and broke its windshield. Davis was released without bond pending his court hearing.

Coach Bobby Petrino is going to wait on any suspensions or whatever after he “gets all the facts.”  For instance, why was my big burly linebacker driving a damn scooter?

Linebacker bashes window after his scooter is bumped [AJC]

UPDATE:  Now it looks like the car Davis punched was owned by a guy who had been sending threatening text messages to Davis.


July 2, 2008

People from Wisconsin think that people from Chicago are obnoxious and rude.  People from Chicago think people from Wisconsin are fat and stupid.  Well, chalk one up for Wisconsin: 

Latham was arrested in January for selling counterfeit tickets before a playoff game. A fan who bought tickets from Latham called authorities after discovering they were fake.

Judge Kendall Kelley on Tuesday also sentenced Latham to five years probation, ordered him to do 25 hours of community service in Green Bay and to stay away from Lambeau Field.

5 months seems like a lot of time for selling fake tickets to a football game.  Do you think the Judge factored in that this Latham guy was from Illinois?

Yeah I think so, too.

5 months for selling fake tickets [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]



July 2, 2008

Hopefully for the Chicago Bulls, who just took Derrick Rose #1 in the NBA draft, driving over the speed limit is the only problem they have to deal with as far as off the court problems are with Derrick Rose. 

Rose, 19, who live in Chicago’s West Englewood community, was driving a 2008 Land Rover on April 29 when he was stopped at 2:58 a.m. about a mile west of Illinois Highway 47 for allegedly going 106 m.p.h. in a 65-m.p.h. zone, according to Kane County court records. He is scheduled to appear in court July 11.

The article says that Rose could face a maximum of one year in jail, but that never happens with traffic tickets unless it’s your 40th ticket or something ridiculous like that.  Rose, who will become a millionaire shortly when he signs a deal with the Bulls, will have to go to traffic school with the rest of Illinois’ traffic violating Joe Schmoes. 

106 in a 65 for Rose [Chicago Tribune]



July 1, 2008

Sunday softball leagues are all about hanging out with old high school buddies or co-workers, drinking during the afternoon on a sunny summer day, and occasionally remembering it’s your turn to bat.  Softball leagues are rarely taken too seriously and they’re always fun.  Unfortunately, there’s always one asshole in the crowd.

A softball player died Monday after taking a blow to the head from a player on an opposing team over the weekend.

Daniel Andrews, 37, of Hilton played in his usual Sunday softball league at Forks Park off Manitou Road in Parma with his Pallet Express team. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, when the game was over about 2:30 p.m., Andrews was punched below the ear by a player from the opposing team, who then took off running.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Sean Sanders, 27, of Irondequoit about 8 p.m. near Frisbee Hill Road in Greece, about a mile southeast of Forks Park. Sanders, who was on parole for assault, was charged with second-degree assault, a felony, said Cpl. John Helfer of the Sheriff’s Office. Helfer said Monday night that the Sheriff’s Office would work with the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office to determine whether the charge against Sanders will be upgraded.

Hopefully this Sean Sanders spends the better part of his days behind bars for this.  It was bad enough that he punched the guy and then ran away, but with Daniel Andrews actually dying because of this, all we can hope is that Sanders gets what’s coming to him.  Absolutely ridiculous.

Softball Player Dies [Democrat & Chronicle] via [Deadspin]



July 1, 2008

While the Royals & Cardinals interleague series will never be confused with the itensity of the Chicago Cubs/Chicago White Sox series, the relatively boring and docile fan bases got into enough this past weekend that it actually made the news.

Royals director of event operations Chris Richardson tells me that during the three-game weekend series, there were three arrests made for assault as well as 10 fan ejections for disorderly conduct.

I really can’t believe that this was seriously reported in the Kansas City Star newspaper.  Go to a football game in Philadelphia, and there will be that many arrests and ejections within the first 5 minutes of you arriving to the stadium.  These Midwestern people are just too nice I’m assuming, which is how this made the news.  Boring sure, but nice people.  I’m sure the 3 who were arrested were slapping way too out of control for the 90 year old usher to break it up.

3 arrests, 10 ejections at Royals/Cards weekend series [KC Star]


July 1, 2008

Fighting at a barbeque led to 3 arrests on saturday night for 3 University of Georgia football players.

Offensive linemen Justin Anderson and Trinton Sturdivant were arrested Monday night and charged with simple battery, according to the Athens-Clarke County jail’s Web site. Each was released on $1,500 bond. No other information was available.

Another Georgia player, defensive lineman Michael Lemon, was arrested Saturday night and also charged with battery. Lemon allegedly punched another UGA student at an apartment complex barbecue, according to a report in the school newspaper, The Red and Black.

The way the article is written, it seems that Michael Lemon has been arrested since saturday and is still in jail.  The other two guys got out on bail of $1500.  Can’t somebody go and give Michael Lemon $150 so he can get out of jail?  Come on, help the guy out.  Scrape $150 together and get him out.  This either means all his friends are really poor, or he’s a jerk and nobody likes him, which could explain why he’s in jail for fighting in the first place.

3 more Georgia football players arrested [AJC]


UPDATE:  It turns out that 2 players (Anderson & Sturdivant) have been arrested for allegedly touching a woman’s stomach.  There might be more to that one later on.  The 3rd player, Michael Lemon, may or may not have punch somebody at that BBQ.  Lemon has not been arrested as of yet.  More to come in the investigation for that one.

Updated from AJC