July 3, 2008

I don’t know much about the history of Utah, except for the fact that Mormons in Utah love them some jello, but I do know that you rarely hear about mob like crime waves going on thoughout their state. 

Well, cross that off the list:

 Five Syracuse High School varsity football players have been charged with more than 50 counts relating to a northern Utah crime spree. 

 2News reports that on Wednesday the five boys were charged with offenses including burglary and theft involving 10 different businesses. 

 Police say the boys have confessed to committing the crimes. And, in addition to burglarizing the businesses, they are accused of having vandalized homes and vehicles.

The 5 of them being charged with 50 counts is actually quite impressive.  That is a crapload of crime to commit before getting caught.  Hopefully the Utah police can wrangle in the entire Utah mob before it gets way too crazy for all those Mormons and jello eaters.

5 high school football players arrested [Salt Lake Tribune] 



July 3, 2008

An all-star High school football game was organized in Ohio to show off the talent of the Columus “City League.”  This was the inaugural all-star game and it could be the last:

The first North-South City League All-Star game was on the way to being a success with a crowd of more than 3,000 until two fights in the stands forced Columbus police to have the game called with 8 minutes, 37 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the South leading 15-14.

The fights quickly were broken up, but fans near the incidents went into a panic and ran from their seats. In the end, approximately 10 squad cars were in the parking lot and a helicopter with a search light hovered overhead.

It doesn’t seem like anybody was arrested, which may be a first for anything having to do with the state of Ohio.

With the game ending with 8 minutes still left to play, the people most affected by the sudden ending of the game were the gamblers in the crowd.  Oh am I the only one who gambles on high school football games?

Fights abruptly end football game [Columbus Dispatch]