July 10, 2008

It’s getting to be a crazy week for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  First, there are reports that the team might be for sale, which always brings up the possibility of the new owner moving the team (Los Angeles?)  Now, one of their receivers has been arrested for possession of cocaine in his truck.

A former Arkansas Razorback football player and current NFL wide reciever is facing drug charges in Fayetteville.

Police say they arrested Matt Jones early this morning in a parking lot near Dickson Street.

According to a prelimenary report, Jones and two other men were sitting in a truck in the parking lot.

The report says police found a cocaine in the vehicle as well as on the hand of the former Hog quarterback.

Jones has been charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Matt Jones, a converted quarterback, might be booked some time with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell if the charges are true.  No word on who the other 2 guys were, but with no names we can assume they are not other members of the Jaguars.

Matt Jones arrested for coke possession [KFSM]




July 8, 2008

Brandon Marshall, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, doesn’t seem to be very good at this whole “driving” thing.  Marshall is in the news again today (DUI, many other violations) for his erractic driving.

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was ticketed on June 12 for making an illegal lane change, according to Denver County Court records.

Marshall was stopped on northbound Interstate-25 between Broadway and Santa Fe Drive and also ticketed for not having his driver’s license or proof of insurance, the court document says.

I would think at this point, it’s probably best for Marshall to use some of his money to get somebody to cart his ass around.  At some point, you would think a court would make it mandatory by taking away his license.  Forever.  I mean, he can barely walk without falling.

Marshall making police blotter a regular thing [Denver Post]


July 8, 2008

An Ohio State football player was arrested last Friday for throwing punches at a bar in Cincinnati.

Clifford, 20, pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of assault yesterday in Hamilton County Municipal Court. Clifford was arrested and charged Friday in Cincinnati after allegedly punching two employees of the Holy Grail sports bar while the employees were trying to break up a fight.

Nothing will get you arrested quicker at a bar than fighting.  Many things will get you kicked out (throwing up everywhere, etc.), but fighting is usually not tolerated.  A lot of the times the bouncer will just whoop your ass and throw you out for fighting.  Many times they’ll call the police.  Nothing, however, makes you look any dumber than actually fighting the EMPLOYEES of the bar.  Not only will you receive a bigger beating than normal, as bouncers swarm on you, but you’ll leave the bar in cuffs as well.

THE Ohio State University’s finest.

Fighting the help will get you cuffed [Columbus Dispatch]


July 2, 2008

Missouri University defensive lineman Jimmy Burge was arrested this past weekend for allegedly running over a mailbox with his truck.

Burge, 18, on Saturday was issued a municipal citation and released after officers contacted him at his residence on Woodrail on the Green in southwest Columbia, Columbia police Lt. Dianne Bernhard said. Officers were dispatched on Wednesday at about 9:45 a.m. to the 3800 block of Woodrail on the Green in response to a vandalism report in which someone reported that a mailbox was damaged overnight, Bernhard said. Officers recovered a license plate advertisement near the mailbox that traced back to a car dealership in Texas. A search of the area found a Ford F-150 pickup with recent exterior damage and a temporary tag that appeared to be issued from the dealership, Bernhard said.

Burge goes on to say that he was taking a look at his cellphone when plowed into the mailbox at 2AM.  Speaking of plowed, what are the chances, given this happened at 2AM, that Burges was plowed?  Either way, this will be a lesson to Burge to make sure all evidence is picked up before bolting the scene of a crime.

Burge arrested for running over mailbox, fleeing scene [Columbia Tribune]


July 2, 2008

Kevin Grady, a running back for the University of Michigan Wolverines was arrested for a DWI this morning.

And by judging his picture, either he’s not very photogenic or he’s messed up on something like you read about.

DWI for Kevin Grady [] via [EDSBS]


July 2, 2008

With gas prices soaring by the second, more and more people are finding ways around driving cars.  People are resorting to bikes, back to 90s and rollerblading, and buying scooters.  These modes of transport are very important to these money saving people, and Arkansas linebacker Wendel Davis is no different.  You just don’t mess with these scooters.  Time and time again, when will people learn?

Never mess with a man’s scooter.

Arkansas linebacker Wendel Davis faces a felony criminal mischief charge after police say he punched through the window of a car that bumped his scooter.

Davis, 19, of Sweeny, Texas is scheduled to appear before a judge July 30 over the charge, stemming from an altercation Tuesday afternoon. If convicted, Davis could face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

A university police spokesman says Davis’ fist put dents into the car and broke its windshield. Davis was released without bond pending his court hearing.

Coach Bobby Petrino is going to wait on any suspensions or whatever after he “gets all the facts.”  For instance, why was my big burly linebacker driving a damn scooter?

Linebacker bashes window after his scooter is bumped [AJC]

UPDATE:  Now it looks like the car Davis punched was owned by a guy who had been sending threatening text messages to Davis.


July 2, 2008

People from Wisconsin think that people from Chicago are obnoxious and rude.  People from Chicago think people from Wisconsin are fat and stupid.  Well, chalk one up for Wisconsin: 

Latham was arrested in January for selling counterfeit tickets before a playoff game. A fan who bought tickets from Latham called authorities after discovering they were fake.

Judge Kendall Kelley on Tuesday also sentenced Latham to five years probation, ordered him to do 25 hours of community service in Green Bay and to stay away from Lambeau Field.

5 months seems like a lot of time for selling fake tickets to a football game.  Do you think the Judge factored in that this Latham guy was from Illinois?

Yeah I think so, too.

5 months for selling fake tickets [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]