It’s getting to be a crazy week for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  First, there are reports that the team might be for sale, which always brings up the possibility of the new owner moving the team (Los Angeles?)  Now, one of their receivers has been arrested for possession of cocaine in his truck.

A former Arkansas Razorback football player and current NFL wide reciever is facing drug charges in Fayetteville.

Police say they arrested Matt Jones early this morning in a parking lot near Dickson Street.

According to a prelimenary report, Jones and two other men were sitting in a truck in the parking lot.

The report says police found a cocaine in the vehicle as well as on the hand of the former Hog quarterback.

Jones has been charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Matt Jones, a converted quarterback, might be booked some time with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell if the charges are true.  No word on who the other 2 guys were, but with no names we can assume they are not other members of the Jaguars.

Matt Jones arrested for coke possession [KFSM]



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