An Ohio State football player was arrested last Friday for throwing punches at a bar in Cincinnati.

Clifford, 20, pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of assault yesterday in Hamilton County Municipal Court. Clifford was arrested and charged Friday in Cincinnati after allegedly punching two employees of the Holy Grail sports bar while the employees were trying to break up a fight.

Nothing will get you arrested quicker at a bar than fighting.  Many things will get you kicked out (throwing up everywhere, etc.), but fighting is usually not tolerated.  A lot of the times the bouncer will just whoop your ass and throw you out for fighting.  Many times they’ll call the police.  Nothing, however, makes you look any dumber than actually fighting the EMPLOYEES of the bar.  Not only will you receive a bigger beating than normal, as bouncers swarm on you, but you’ll leave the bar in cuffs as well.

THE Ohio State University’s finest.

Fighting the help will get you cuffed [Columbus Dispatch]


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