Just when you think you’ve gotten away with a crime 2 years ago….

A Jeremy Ranch Country Club employee has been charged with a third-degree felony for an alleged theft. 

 Papers filed Tuesday in Summit County’s 3rd District Court allege that the worker, in July 2006, signed for a $3,022 shipment of 145 Nike golf apparel items. But she never handed over the goods to the club’s pro shop. 

 Jeremy Ranch’s management noticed they were missing the items when they were contacted about an unpaid invoice. An internal investigation revealed that the woman had ordered and signed for the items, then sold them on eBay.

Ouch.  I bet she doesn’t even remember this crime because it happened so long ago.  Whatever money she got on those 145 Nike golf apparel items is probably long gone (meth?).

This has me thinking really hard now:  Is it possible for me to get busted for something I stole for at a summer job 2, 3, 10 years ago?  I better go find those pens and give them back ASAP.

2 years to finally get caught [Salt Lake Tribune]


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