Missouri University defensive lineman Jimmy Burge was arrested this past weekend for allegedly running over a mailbox with his truck.

Burge, 18, on Saturday was issued a municipal citation and released after officers contacted him at his residence on Woodrail on the Green in southwest Columbia, Columbia police Lt. Dianne Bernhard said. Officers were dispatched on Wednesday at about 9:45 a.m. to the 3800 block of Woodrail on the Green in response to a vandalism report in which someone reported that a mailbox was damaged overnight, Bernhard said. Officers recovered a license plate advertisement near the mailbox that traced back to a car dealership in Texas. A search of the area found a Ford F-150 pickup with recent exterior damage and a temporary tag that appeared to be issued from the dealership, Bernhard said.

Burge goes on to say that he was taking a look at his cellphone when plowed into the mailbox at 2AM.  Speaking of plowed, what are the chances, given this happened at 2AM, that Burges was plowed?  Either way, this will be a lesson to Burge to make sure all evidence is picked up before bolting the scene of a crime.

Burge arrested for running over mailbox, fleeing scene [Columbia Tribune]


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