Fighting at a barbeque led to 3 arrests on saturday night for 3 University of Georgia football players.

Offensive linemen Justin Anderson and Trinton Sturdivant were arrested Monday night and charged with simple battery, according to the Athens-Clarke County jail’s Web site. Each was released on $1,500 bond. No other information was available.

Another Georgia player, defensive lineman Michael Lemon, was arrested Saturday night and also charged with battery. Lemon allegedly punched another UGA student at an apartment complex barbecue, according to a report in the school newspaper, The Red and Black.

The way the article is written, it seems that Michael Lemon has been arrested since saturday and is still in jail.  The other two guys got out on bail of $1500.  Can’t somebody go and give Michael Lemon $150 so he can get out of jail?  Come on, help the guy out.  Scrape $150 together and get him out.  This either means all his friends are really poor, or he’s a jerk and nobody likes him, which could explain why he’s in jail for fighting in the first place.

3 more Georgia football players arrested [AJC]


UPDATE:  It turns out that 2 players (Anderson & Sturdivant) have been arrested for allegedly touching a woman’s stomach.  There might be more to that one later on.  The 3rd player, Michael Lemon, may or may not have punch somebody at that BBQ.  Lemon has not been arrested as of yet.  More to come in the investigation for that one.

Updated from AJC


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