There are certain things a girlfriend shouldn’t do.  One of the things they should never do is accuse the boyfriend of cheating.  Some boyfriends would be very upset about that.  There is, however, a way of responding to accusations. (for instance, going out and actually cheating)   Willie Andrews of the New England Patriots gets really mad about it and responds the WRONG way.  So mad in fact, he allegedly put a gun to his girlfriend’s head.

The woman told police that she confronted Willie Andrews, 24, in a bedroom of his apartment on Sunday night, according to the Sun Chronicle. She said that Andrews was waving the gun and that it touched her temple, the newspaper reported.

The woman called 911, and when police arrived, Andrews allowed police to search his car. Police did not find a gun. The woman took her child to a hotel, police said.

Apparently this isn’t the first time that Willie has threatened to shoot his girlfriend, according to the girlfriend.  Willie seems to have Elijah Dukes syndrome.  No word on threatening text messages yet. 

The gun comes out when you accuse Willie [The Boston Channel]


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