Manny Ramirez, the aloof leftfielder for the Boston Red Sox, got a little shove happy with the Boston Red Sox traveling secretary on Saturday.  The leftfielder, who is suddenly developing a penchant for fighting recently, threw down Jack McCormick to the ground over, get this, tickets.

Ramirez had asked McCormick for 16 tickets for Saturday night’s Red Sox-Astros game, an unusually high number for day-of-game. In addition to handling all travel details for clubs, traveling secretaries also take player ticket requests for both home and away games.

When McCormick cautioned Ramirez that he might not be able to fulfill his request, Ramirez responded by shouting: “Just do your job!”

An argument insued and Ramirez pushed McCormick, sending him to the ground.

The prima donna leftfielder apologized for the incident, and the Red Sox seem satisfied enough with Manny’s apology to not punish him whatsoever.  Who has to be thrown down by Manny Ramirez to warrant a suspension?  Are traveling secretary’s that disrespected that any player can just manhandle them over ticket requests?  Who is looking out for the traveling secretaries?  Is it because of this former assistant to the traveling secretary that traveling secretaries are treated so badly?


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