This is a story you don’t hear too often.  It appears that 4 golfers & their 2 caddies for the round wer robbed at gunpoint on the 16th hole.

When the party of six, four golfers and two caddies, reached the 16th tee shortly after 11 a.m., a gunman emerged from nearby woods and said, “Give me your money,” according to police.

Armed with a handgun and covering his face with a mask, the gunman robbed two of the golfers and one of the caddies before fleeing into the woods at the club at 6200 W. Good Hope Road.

Officials at the club said the foursome finished their round of golf after the incident. And no one at the club canceled tee times Saturday or Sunday.

The fact that the golfers did not quit their round despite being robbed is quite admirable.  If a man that had been hiding in the woods came running out with a gun while I was playing golf, I’d probably drop a deuce in my khakis.  But this whole thing makes me wonder…. do you think that one of the golfers was in on it?  Let’s say he was getting beat pretty badly and was losing money on hole after hole, what would stop him to call a buddy, tell him to meet him on hole 16 with a gun, and just rob his opponent?  I think I may use this one day.


ROBBED ON THE GOLF COURSE [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]


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