July 10, 2008

It’s getting to be a crazy week for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  First, there are reports that the team might be for sale, which always brings up the possibility of the new owner moving the team (Los Angeles?)  Now, one of their receivers has been arrested for possession of cocaine in his truck.

A former Arkansas Razorback football player and current NFL wide reciever is facing drug charges in Fayetteville.

Police say they arrested Matt Jones early this morning in a parking lot near Dickson Street.

According to a prelimenary report, Jones and two other men were sitting in a truck in the parking lot.

The report says police found a cocaine in the vehicle as well as on the hand of the former Hog quarterback.

Jones has been charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Matt Jones, a converted quarterback, might be booked some time with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell if the charges are true.  No word on who the other 2 guys were, but with no names we can assume they are not other members of the Jaguars.

Matt Jones arrested for coke possession [KFSM]




July 8, 2008

Brandon Marshall, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, doesn’t seem to be very good at this whole “driving” thing.  Marshall is in the news again today (DUI, many other violations) for his erractic driving.

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was ticketed on June 12 for making an illegal lane change, according to Denver County Court records.

Marshall was stopped on northbound Interstate-25 between Broadway and Santa Fe Drive and also ticketed for not having his driver’s license or proof of insurance, the court document says.

I would think at this point, it’s probably best for Marshall to use some of his money to get somebody to cart his ass around.  At some point, you would think a court would make it mandatory by taking away his license.  Forever.  I mean, he can barely walk without falling.

Marshall making police blotter a regular thing [Denver Post]


July 8, 2008

An Ohio State football player was arrested last Friday for throwing punches at a bar in Cincinnati.

Clifford, 20, pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of assault yesterday in Hamilton County Municipal Court. Clifford was arrested and charged Friday in Cincinnati after allegedly punching two employees of the Holy Grail sports bar while the employees were trying to break up a fight.

Nothing will get you arrested quicker at a bar than fighting.  Many things will get you kicked out (throwing up everywhere, etc.), but fighting is usually not tolerated.  A lot of the times the bouncer will just whoop your ass and throw you out for fighting.  Many times they’ll call the police.  Nothing, however, makes you look any dumber than actually fighting the EMPLOYEES of the bar.  Not only will you receive a bigger beating than normal, as bouncers swarm on you, but you’ll leave the bar in cuffs as well.

THE Ohio State University’s finest.

Fighting the help will get you cuffed [Columbus Dispatch]


July 3, 2008

Just when you think you’ve gotten away with a crime 2 years ago….

A Jeremy Ranch Country Club employee has been charged with a third-degree felony for an alleged theft. 

 Papers filed Tuesday in Summit County’s 3rd District Court allege that the worker, in July 2006, signed for a $3,022 shipment of 145 Nike golf apparel items. But she never handed over the goods to the club’s pro shop. 

 Jeremy Ranch’s management noticed they were missing the items when they were contacted about an unpaid invoice. An internal investigation revealed that the woman had ordered and signed for the items, then sold them on eBay.

Ouch.  I bet she doesn’t even remember this crime because it happened so long ago.  Whatever money she got on those 145 Nike golf apparel items is probably long gone (meth?).

This has me thinking really hard now:  Is it possible for me to get busted for something I stole for at a summer job 2, 3, 10 years ago?  I better go find those pens and give them back ASAP.

2 years to finally get caught [Salt Lake Tribune]


July 3, 2008

I don’t know much about the history of Utah, except for the fact that Mormons in Utah love them some jello, but I do know that you rarely hear about mob like crime waves going on thoughout their state. 

Well, cross that off the list:

 Five Syracuse High School varsity football players have been charged with more than 50 counts relating to a northern Utah crime spree. 

 2News reports that on Wednesday the five boys were charged with offenses including burglary and theft involving 10 different businesses. 

 Police say the boys have confessed to committing the crimes. And, in addition to burglarizing the businesses, they are accused of having vandalized homes and vehicles.

The 5 of them being charged with 50 counts is actually quite impressive.  That is a crapload of crime to commit before getting caught.  Hopefully the Utah police can wrangle in the entire Utah mob before it gets way too crazy for all those Mormons and jello eaters.

5 high school football players arrested [Salt Lake Tribune] 


July 3, 2008

An all-star High school football game was organized in Ohio to show off the talent of the Columus “City League.”  This was the inaugural all-star game and it could be the last:

The first North-South City League All-Star game was on the way to being a success with a crowd of more than 3,000 until two fights in the stands forced Columbus police to have the game called with 8 minutes, 37 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the South leading 15-14.

The fights quickly were broken up, but fans near the incidents went into a panic and ran from their seats. In the end, approximately 10 squad cars were in the parking lot and a helicopter with a search light hovered overhead.

It doesn’t seem like anybody was arrested, which may be a first for anything having to do with the state of Ohio.

With the game ending with 8 minutes still left to play, the people most affected by the sudden ending of the game were the gamblers in the crowd.  Oh am I the only one who gambles on high school football games?

Fights abruptly end football game [Columbus Dispatch]


July 2, 2008

Missouri University defensive lineman Jimmy Burge was arrested this past weekend for allegedly running over a mailbox with his truck.

Burge, 18, on Saturday was issued a municipal citation and released after officers contacted him at his residence on Woodrail on the Green in southwest Columbia, Columbia police Lt. Dianne Bernhard said. Officers were dispatched on Wednesday at about 9:45 a.m. to the 3800 block of Woodrail on the Green in response to a vandalism report in which someone reported that a mailbox was damaged overnight, Bernhard said. Officers recovered a license plate advertisement near the mailbox that traced back to a car dealership in Texas. A search of the area found a Ford F-150 pickup with recent exterior damage and a temporary tag that appeared to be issued from the dealership, Bernhard said.

Burge goes on to say that he was taking a look at his cellphone when plowed into the mailbox at 2AM.  Speaking of plowed, what are the chances, given this happened at 2AM, that Burges was plowed?  Either way, this will be a lesson to Burge to make sure all evidence is picked up before bolting the scene of a crime.

Burge arrested for running over mailbox, fleeing scene [Columbia Tribune]